The Most Important Thing You Can Do to Build Relationships

I was having a conversation with my friend a few weeks ago and we were talking about how everyone is different with the way they sell their services. I mentioned to him that not everyone is the same and everyone has their own process. But one thing is for sure, clients and customers can see right through bullshit.

Of course they agreed with me. But it got me thinking about this subject some more. I started thinking about the process of building relationships and how selling is exactly that, building relationships.

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The Key to Making Sales Easy

How many years of sales experience does one person have? The answer is…their whole life.

A lot of people think sales is a hard thing, but believe it or not, we’ve all done it since we were kids. Do you ever remember trying to convince your parents to buy that toy you desperately wanted or needed? “Mom, but it has all these new features!” Do you ever remember trying to convince your brother or sister what to do with their Christmas money? “Timmy, you could get this game and we both can play it!” I’m sure you can recall your own memories. No matter what anybody tells you, you can do sales.

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Home Automation Will Empower The User Experience Design Industry

I’ve always felt that technology would eventually cross over into our daily lives and everything we use would be connected with technology. As a child I dreamt of being able to wake up and talk to my home much like Tony Stark talks to Jarvis, in the Iron Man films. “Good morning, Brad. Would you like some coffee?”, Jarvis would say. I respond with some excitement, “Absolutely, Jarvis”. From the kitchen the sound of a coffee machine starts. I smile and I start reading the morning news displayed on the window overlooking some large body of water.

Home Automation Will Change the User Experience Design Industry

User experience design is a huge part of my life. Design and web development has limitless possibilities, the main reason I went into a web and application design field. But I see a change in the way people interact with their technology and the experience is very much intertwined into our daily lives. I mean look at what the iPhone did. You can’t go into a restaurant without someone taking a photo of their food or surfing the web. This is precisely why restaurants offer WiFi connections as a benefit to eat at their establishment. It’s a normal part of our lives to be connected to the internet and because of that, the internet industry is thriving more than it ever has.

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Making Meetings Productive

So your boss or project manager calls for a meeting in the middle of the day. No warning just an email in your inbox stating you have a meeting in about an hour. That feeling of anguish falls over you. You think to yourself, “I actually have real work to do instead of chatting about the same thing five different ways.” You slowly back away from your computer.


Trust me, we all feel this. And I’m usually the one sending the invites.

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How to Build Quality Relationship Capital

A few months ago I had a tough call with one of my clients to discuss some issues that happened over a project. They just so happened to bring up a past project, a project that was a success but did have some hiccups. Since this new project was related to that past project, all of those hiccups came back to haunt me. The Client was upset and was threatening to not renew another contract.

Having a client who dwells on past wrong doings and issues can really hinder business relationships. Some other agencies would probably want to investigate an exit strategy with this type of client. Who wants to work with someone who brings up the past. But if you can take a little time and listen before you start pointing fingers, you can really turn the conversation into a positive one and strengthen your relationship capital.

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